Priti Jain

With a bachelors degree in Fine Arts (Applied art) from Govt. School of Art, India), Priti is an artist and graphic designer by profession. She loves to do watercolor and mixed media. She has a collection of Ganesha paintings in mixed media.

Priti had been surrounded by this mystical and intricate art from very early childhood in India. Since then she has been practicing the art of henna in all the traditional festivals and weddings as a hobby. Her designs are inspired by the art of India and Middle East.

She always had a flair for art and had always been invited to do henna for friends for weddings and gatherings. She started doing henna for friends as a past time hobby when she came to US. This persuaded her to take up henna art as a hobby profession.

Priti uses pure natural henna imported from Rajasthan, India. She makes home made henna paste from natural ingredients like lemon juice, sugar and essential oils.

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